Hi there! It’s Cindy here and this time I’m back with a video instead of a step-by-step post for Lindy’s. I’ve created this fun Mixed Media Christmas Tree Canvas (with lighting and Lindy’s!) and I just needed to share it with you!

Basic Process

  1. Collect buttons, gears, pebbles, pine cones, metal pieces, whatever you like to use and arrange them in a tree shape on a canvas, using heavy gel medium to attach everything
  2. Add beads to fill some of the empty gaps
  3. Make sure to keep some open space for the lights later on
  4. Cover everything in white gesso
  5. Add some texture using modelling paste and a stencil
  6. Use your favorite winter colored Lindy’s sprays or powders to give the tree it’s color
  7. Add some metallique wax or paint, cover in white gesso using the dry brush technique
  8. Punch tiny holes trough the canvas using a knife to add the lights
  9. Add embossing powders to the tree using an embossing ink dabber or apply with a paint brush
  10. Use paint to color the backside of some art pebbles and glue them on top of tree
  11. Add mica flakes for a frosty effect

You can watch the video of the process down below or visit the Lindy’s YouTube channel.

Lindy’s Products


  • Canvas (30×40 cm), white gesso, metal gears, castings, buttons, pine cones, beads, modelling paste, 13@rts stencil, metallique wax, acrylic paints, glass pebbles, Emboss It! dabber, Mica flakes


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and thank you so much for stopping by!

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